Amsoil is ready with new diesel oils

Product updates
Amsoil is ready with new diesel oils Two new API diesel specifications by the industry prompted AMSOIL to introduce some new formulations to the market. The new API diesel oil specifications focuses on these five objectives: Reduced emissions Improved fuel economy Stronger oxidation stability Better shear stability Increased resistance to aeration The new API CK-4 specification is designed for current model-year and older diesel engines and is backward-compatible with the older API CJ-4 (and prior) oils. The new API FA-4 specification is designed to further improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. However API FA-4 oils is not backward-compatible and should only be used in certain 2017 and newer over-the-road trucks, when approved by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil Just [ike Amsoil Signature Series…
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