Independent Amsoil Dealer in Kissimmee FL

As an Independent Amsoil dealer in Kissimmee Fl, I am very honored to provide consumers with the very best in synthetic lubrication products available on the market today.   There just isn’t better lubrication products, Amsoil is just far superior than all the rest.

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Research done by AAA

Using Amsoil products will definitely save you time and money. It saves you time by reducing maintenance downtime because you spend less time performing maintenance on your equipment or vehicle. You also save money by performing fewer repairs and fewer regular maintenance tasks.  You will get better fuel mileage and be doing your part in preserving the environment. The question of whether synthetic oils is worth the cost. The American Automobile Association (AAA) conducted a series of ASTM standards tests to determine the answer to that very question.

AAA Report Synthetic vs Conventional Oil

All products sold by Amsoil absolutely will not void OEM warranties.  All the products come with a written guarantee.  They exhibit superior operating temperature range, fuel mileage, wear protection, stability, and Superior oxidation resistance.  That are just a few of the benefits of Amsoil products.  It is unmatched as far as Superiority in numerous areas.  Amsoil makes a grade of oil for all lubrication needs as specified by their OEM manufacturer.  These products can be ordered from Amsoil Dealers, Amsoil retail outlets, Amsoil retail catalogs or the Amsoil online store. Products manufactured by Amsoil comes in all conventional grades and is  guaranteed to be 100% compatible.

I distribute Amsoil synthetic oil for all applications, filters, greases, lubes and other related products. Whether you have a gas, diesel, marine, industrial, light or heavy duty application, we have you covered.  Amsoil also carries a complete line of fully synthetic motorcycle oil products and related products. We also have a full line of lubrication products for all your Severe Service Applications. Partner companies include some of the biggest names in the industry like Mann, Donaldson, Bosch, and Wix.