Amsoil European car formula

Product updates
Amsoil European car formula Amsoil European Car formula synthetic motor oils has been reformulated to extend its usage possibilities. Extending the possibilities in European and domestic models as well. It now meets the following motor vehicle specifications: Chrysler MS-11106 ACEA C3 GM dexos2™ The new Amsoil European Car Motor Oil formulation is available in quarts as well as drums and once the existing formulation stock has been depleted you will be able to the general public. Our inventory forecasts predicted that the existing formulation would be sold out by January 2018. The new formulation was available in gallons starting Dec. 1, 2017. The new formulation with the new sizes are now available for sale in our warehouses, through retail locations and Amsoil Dealers. New Manufacturer Specifications The European Car Formula…
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