The New Amsoil SEVERE GEAR Easy-Pack

Product updates
Introducing the new Amsoil severe gear easy-pack for Enthusiasts and professionals alike.  No more oily rags to clean up the mess created by spilled gear lube.  Makes the process of filling the differential much easier and less frustrating. Changing gear lube is often one of those frustrating tasks. Differentials Require Service A clean, high-quality gear lube helps prevent the howls and whines that can occur from extended periods of metal-to-metal contact. It provides differentials and transmissions with crucial protection – particularly against the rigors of towing and hauling – and it should be changed on a schedule to protect your pickup. Unfortunately, changing this vital fluid doesn’t come without challenges.       Tight Squeeze Removing the cover on your “pumpkin” and draining the fluid might not be difficult, but installing new fluid…
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