New Benefits for Amsoil Commercial Accounts

New Benefits for Amsoil
Commercial Accounts

Introducing all new benefits for Amsoil Commercial accounts that have just been added.  The first one is free shipping for Amsoil commercial accounts.  Commercial accounts usually encounter many hurdles throughout their daily routines for instance, reducing costs and eliminating the time needed to calculate freight charges for purchased products.

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Free shipping on Commercial account orders is as follows:

Orders in the US, totaling $350 or more and $450 or more in Canada.  For orders that do not fulfill the minimum dollar amount total for orders a flat shipping fee will be in effect.  In the US that is $11.99 and $13.99 for Canada.  Now If the account chooses to pick up their order from the nearest Amsoil warehouse, then there is no charge for shipping at all.

Speaking of new benefits for Amsoil Commercial accounts, there is a new simplified discount program specifically for Commercial Accounts.  This new simplified discount program makes it easier to figure out how much of a discount is on orders and also to receive higher discounts faster without long math equations involved in calculating discounts and better still is that Amsoil Commercial accounts will receive a locked in discount for an entire year.  At the beginning of each year, the account’s discount is locked in based on their previous 12 month purchases.

Discounts explained

Amsoil Commercial accounts can qualify for discounts by purchasing enough on orders to qualify and are granted that discount immediately.  They will continue to receive the discount for the rest of the year.  New Amsoil Commercial accounts will also receive an annualized rate for purchases so that they may earn their discounts at the end of the year regardless of when they registered.  The discount for existing accounts is based on total spending level from the previous 12 month period.  If the existing US account spends from $5,000 up to $9,999.99, the discount is 5% of the total amount spent.  If the existing US account spends  from $10,000 or more the discount is 10%.  For Canadian accounts the discount starts at $6,000 up to $11,999.99 and is 5% and $12,000 or more is 10%.

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